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Breakfast Briefing

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New Year, New Government: Providing Predictions and Analysis of Mexico’s Renewable Energy Sector and the Impact of the AMLO Administration’s Policies in 2019

  • Where do renewable energy projects stand given the recent possibility of a renewed shift towards fossil fuels for electricity generation?
  • Are Mexico’s goals and commitments for clean energy generation still on track?
  • Analysing the new transformation of the CFE and assessing the implications for the renewable energy industry
  • Where will new investment be targeted?
  • Will there be a shift towards more conventional methods of energy generation?
  • How does the change in the energy sector impact private PPAs between the C&I sector and renewable energy generators?
  • Reviewing the position of the CRE and its role under the current administration 


Severo López Mestre Arana
Senior Partner
Galo Energy

Gonzalo Monroy
Managing Director

Alejandro de Keijser Torres
Coordinador de Gestión de Energía
CFE Calificados

Luis Alberto Serra
Director Ejecutivo de la Iniciativa de Energía

Jeff Thomas Pavlovic
Bravos Energía